The Official List Of The Top 100 Clubs In The U.S.!

by Rachelle Hruska · February 19, 2009

Today, we got a hold of the Top 100 Clubs in the US list, hot off the presses from Nightclub and Bar Magazine.  The list isn't up online yet, so I dutifully copied the first half below for you to feast your eyes on, by club name, city, and 2008's total revenue (these numbers will most likely drop precipitously in 2009). We see our friends over at Pink Elephant took the #3 spot (not to mention the ONLY NYC club in the top 20).  Congrats Mr. Pink Elephant!

That being said, some of these numbers could very well be baked like Enron's books.  Gofg isn't going to take a stab at authenticity, rather we'll let the commentors decide which is fact and which is fiction.

Tao Nightclub, Las Vegas. $50-60 MM

Tryst, Las Vegas. $35-50 MM

Pink Elephant, New York. $35-50MM

Pure, Las Vegas. $35-50MM

JET, Las Vegas. $35-50 MM

Mansion, Miami. $35-50 MM

The Bank Nightclub, (Bellagio) Las Vegas. $35-50MM

LAX, Las Vegas. $25-35MM

Full Throttle Saloon, Sturgis, SD. $25-35MM

Secrets Nightclub, Oceancity, MD. $25-35MM

Body English, Las Vegas. $15-25MM

Moon Nightclub, Las Vegas. $15-25MM

Ghostbar, Las Vegas. $15-25MM

Billy Bob's, Fort Worth, TX. $10-20MM

Crobar, Chicago.$10-20MM

LOVE Night Club, Washington D.C. $10-20MM

Prive, Las Vegas. $10-20MM

Soundbar, Chicago. $10-20MM

The Highlands, Hollywood, CA. $10-20MM

Avalon, Los Angeles. $10-20MM

Playboy Club, Las Vegas. $10-20MM

Drai's After Hours, Las Vegas. $10-20MM

Purgatory of Dallas, Dallas, TX. $10-20MM

Stargate, St.Paul, MN. $10-20MM

Virgins, Chicago. $10-20MM

Bar Anticipation, Lake Como, NJ. $10-20MM

Christian Audigier, Las Vegas. $10-20MM

Rum Jungle, Las Vegas. $10-20MM

Studio 54, Las Vegas. $10-20MM

Servella, Los Angeles. $10-20MM

Blush, Las Vegas. $10-20MM

Marquee, New York. $10-20MM

Pacha, New York. $10-20MM

Mayan, Scottsdale, AZ. $10-20MM

RAIN, Las Vegas. $10-20MM

Kilroy's Sports Bar. Bloomington, IN. $10-20MM

Club V20, Long Beach, CA. $10-20MM