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Euan Rellie's 44th Birthday Party

Euan Rellie's 44th Birthday Party
Where: Corsino Who was there: Guests included Euan Rellie, Lucy Sykes Rellie, Sean Avery, Nick Wooster, Kim Vernon, Annabelle Tollman, Andrew Fry, Fabrizio Volterra, Tinsley Mortimer, Debbie Loeffler, Vanessa Neumann, , Tracy Taylor, Hilary Rhoda, Adam Glassman, Ali Wise, Amy Sacco, Andrew Fry, Chris Schumacher, Kristian Laliberte, Luigi Tadini, Miguelina Gambaccini, Neil Rasmus, Peter Davis, Selby Drummond, and Hugo Guinness. [Photo: Tinsley Mortimer, Gigi Howard] Other details: Kim Vernon/Vernon Co ‏ (@kimsvernon) tweeted:
@euanrellie birthday celebration was double the fun of any fashion week party this year!
[Euan Rellie] [Amy Sacco, Euan Rellie] [Hilary Rhoda] [Photos via BFA]

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