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Lehmann Maupin Gallery & ISTANBUL'74 After Party For Sandro Kopp

Lehmann Maupin Gallery & ISTANBUL'74 After Party For Sandro Kopp
Go HERE for our post! Where: Pulqueria Who was there: Guests included Waris Ahluwalia, Johan Lindeberg, Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld, Peter Davis, Stefania Pia, Sandro Kopp, Levent Bilgen, Ayse Bilgen, Ryan McGinley, Terence Koh, Stacy Engman, Meredith Melling Burke, Kate Schelter, Cynthia Rowley, Bill Powers, Hannah Bronfman, Kyle DeWoody, Tilda Swinton, Stefano Tonchi, Levent Bilgen, Hunter Hill, Phillip Estlund, Demet Muftuoglu Eseli, Bethanie Brady, Clint Spaulding, Billy Farrell, May Anderson, and Lee Call. Other details: Stanley Stuyvesant (@guestofaguest) tweeted:
Not in at the pulqueria party for Waris, Ryan and co? Assume you won't be. Capacity has been reached+the ice cold hipsters aren't moving
[Sandro Kopp, Waris Ahluwalia] [Hannah Bronfman, Peter Davis, Hunter Hill, Levent Bilgen, Ayse Bilgen] [Cynthia Rowley, Bill Powers, Hunter Hill] [Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld, Demet Muftuoglu Eseli] [Kyle DeWoody, Phillip Estlund] [Bethanie Brady, Demet Muftuoglu Eseli] [Hannah Bronfman, Kyle DeWoody] [Stacy Engman, Johan Lindeberg, Lee Call] [Meena Khera, Demet Muftuoglu Eseli, Chris Schumache, Kate Schelter] [All Photos via BFA]

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