Donald Trump's Surprisingly Humble Childhood Home Is On The Market For $1.4 Million

by Stephanie Maida · August 17, 2016

Started from the bottom now he's here. You've seen the gilded penthouse monstrosity that is Donald Trump's current New York residence, but can you believe he grew up in a relatively humble home in Queens? True, it's no tenement, but the Trump family's OG one-family at 85-15 Wareham Place in the Jamaica Estates neighborhood is a relatively modest comparison. The cozy 5-bedroom features a fireplace (around which the Trump family presumably sat, telling ghost stories about their son's future presidential campaign), a "formal" dining room (which we can only guess required proper comb-overs at every meal), and a summer kitchen - whatever that means. It's currently up for grabs with a listing price of $1,399,000 - down about $150K since last week. Guess "birthplace of apocalyptic harbinger" isn't a great marketing ploy. In any case, click through to see where baby Donald once roamed.

[Photo via @realdonaldtrump, courtesy StreetEasy]