After making ourselves more than at home at the San Francisco loft of design genius and borderline professional bon vivant Ken Fulk, we were, needless to say, excited to the brink at the news of his move out East. A modern day Manifest Destiny, if you will. So, what would the man who in many ways brought Brooklyn to Silicon Valley do with a spot all his own in Tribeca? As the decorative darling of Architectural Digest and Elle Decor, and designer of such personal favorites as Sadelle's, God knew he wouldn't disappoint.

Part showroom, part home, his new downtown dream is dressed to the nines, from the pattern rich closet elegantly hung with portraits, to his industrial shelved wall housing all the necessary souvenirs of a worldly gentleman - leather bound books, globes, trophies and trinkets. No detail is too small - so click through and prepare yourself for some major interior inspiration.