The Gift Bag: Free Products From Carita's New Haute Beaute Cheveu Collection!

by Rachelle Hruska · May 15, 2009

Have you won yet? Our gift bags are catching on, and today's could be my favorite yet! Now's your chance to win $170 worth of hair products! Carita's New Haute Beatue Cheveu collection is giving away some awesome products to one lucky gofg reader! (See full list of products below).  The line literally JUST launched this month, and is becoming a quick favorite among celebs and fameous hair stylists (like Ashley Javier) alike. Want to win? Send an email to with CARITA in the subject line.

What's included in this giveaway:

PURIFYING SHAMPOO – ICY GEL (oily to combination hair)

Gently cleanses, eliminates impurities, purifies and balances the production of sebum. Prevents hair from becoming greasy by restoring balance to the hair.  Soothes, moisturizes and softens the scalp.

Active Ingredients: Soft Surfacants, Purifying Complex of Amino-Acids, Sulphur Peptides, Zinc Salts, Caffeine, Chestnut Extract, Glucodefence and Microbeads (Jojoba Oil)

Texture: A sprinkled transparent texture that is fresh and light

Fragrance: Vibrant fragrance that is fruity yet floral

Suggested Retail Price: $32.00 for 200 ml bottle

PURIFYING MASK – LIGHT MOUSSE (oily to combination hair)

Eliminates impurities.  Prevents hair from becoming greasy by absorbing excess sebum making daily washing unnecessary. Balances and soothes the scalp.

Active Ingredients: Purifying Complex of Amino-Acids, Sulphur, Peptides, Zinc Salts, Caffeine, Chestnut Extract, Mineral Powders, Nettle Cellulose and Glucodefense

Texture: Delicate, foamy and airy

Fragrance: Vibrant, fruity scent

Suggested Retail Price: $55.00 for 200 ml tube

DAILY PROTECTIVE CREAM (for normal, color-treated hair or dry to  damaged hair)

Deeply nourishes and facilitates with styling of hair.  Repairs and protects hair strands against pollution.  No rinsing required.

Active Ingredients: Jojoba Oil and Moringa Oleifera

Texture: Refined and effervescent texture

Fragrance: Sensual scent with oriental notes

Suggested Retail Price: $35.00 for 75 ml tube

REVITALIZING SCRUB FOR THE SCALP (oxygenating rénovateur care)

Oxygenates, purifies and soothes the scalp. Gently eliminates dead cells. This scrub offers a sensation of intense freshness.

Active Ingredients: Sunflower Seeds, Jojoba Spheres and Menthol

Texture: Fresh and lightweight gel-cream; sprinkled with sunflower seeds

Fragrance: Light scent with a warm and modern base

Suggested Retail Price: $45.00 for 150 ml tube