Eavesdropping In: Kim Kardashian Is Kanye's Beyonce, Gawker's Fox Mole Revealed

by Courtney McGowan · April 12, 2012

- Hey Lumberjacks, you have the worst job in America. [HuffPost]

- Axl Rose says "Thanks, but no thanks," to Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame induction. [CNN]

- Kanye West "claims" Kim Kardashian is his "Beyonce." "Sure." [Dlisted]

- Finally, you'll know what to do with those "tossed salads and scrambled eggs." That's Frasier, kids. [EW]

- An open letter to Mark Zuckerbro. [HipsterRunoff]

- A town in Florida has banned nightclubs, dance halls, and skating rinks.  There is officially no reason to go to Florida. [Jezebel]

- The Fox mole at Gawker has been caught, and fired.  His name is Joe Muto, and was an Associate Producer at the O'Reilly Factor. [Gawker]