Eavesdropping In: Rihanna Is Going To Die Of Pot, The Secret Menu At Starbucks

by Courtney McGowan · April 20, 2012

-Oh Sweet Mary, some guy is selling caffeinated marshmallows. [D&T]

-Hot girls are like us, except, they're not hot. And they lie? [Youtube]

-Facebook makes your friends not like you. [MentalFloss]

-Florida just got sadder.  Apparently there are tons of homeless kids living on the highway to Disney World.  There are just so many layers to this. [HuffPost]

The official line-up of film & stars expected at Cannes 2012 is out. [Perez]

-Rihanna is totally doing crystal meth off that dude's head. EDGY. [Gawker]

-Did you know there's a secret menu at Starbucks? Just be prepared for some extra sass when you ask barista Geoff for a "Captain Crunch." [Buzzfeed]