Plan Ahead For Paris Fashion Week: Tips For Finding A Parisian Boyfriend In NYC, By A Parisian Boy

by RUBEN N · September 7, 2011

As NYFW winds down, the new Facebook and Twitter feeds will become full of statuses such as "Paris Booked!", "Looking for a 2 bedroom flat in le Marais", etc. You may roll your eyes as you watch from behind your laptop as all of these acquaintances of yours once again get to head to Paris to enjoy the couture fashion shows, the presentations, coffees in terrace, art, and most important, open-bars offered by cool brands in cool places with cool guys while you are drinking wine home alone. Sure you regret having spent all your money at the Hamptons this summer, but there is still an option to afford a Parisian expedition: find a Parisian boy in NYC now to host you! Here is a suggestion of places to hangout to make this happens, from our very own Parisian Boy, in NYC now for NYFW....