Twitteriffic Tweets: The Free Tavi Gevinson Movement, And True Life: I'm Hustlin In The Hamptons

by Chiara Atik · April 27, 2010

@PeterDavisNYC: 14-year-old blogger Tavi has her blog shut down for posting a 1998 "nude" photo of Maggie Rizer in only ribbons (for a Yohji ad). FREE TAVI!


@XxPJC Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz #freetavi. She's what, like, 14? #gettavibackinschool


@bryanboy Jesus f-ing christ. Too many rubbish blogs on Blogger and google had to prey on innocent Tavi. Boo! Hiss!

- @FabiolaBeracasa Me and sweet dog Van ran into @Terry_World on the street//

- @caitlinmoe @miamoretti and i are having a dance party by ourselves w cheap champagne and this record w all the original tunes daft punk sampled.

- @asiddy this private screening of keep surfing in a private tribeca grand penthouse w jamie lynn sigler and mark sanchez redefines intimate.

- @arielilana aaand i was just on the True Life: I'm Hustling in the Hamptons w/ @nycshee @malisadanielle. i am now going to jump out a window..bye!

- @littleylittley I hope that isn't in the plans for season 2... @XxPJC There's a Law & Order about a reality show murder on right now!! #amazeballs