Twitteriffic Tweets: Tony Awards And True Blood

by CATHY LEVETT · June 14, 2010

@asiddy After #tonys party with @alexrush at the fabulous carlyle. We r not glam enough to be here but pulling it off quite well. - - @lindsaylohan #TrueBloodcake thanks #carvelicecream and me - -

- @FabiolaBeracasa Just saw Joan Rivers movie! So so so funny and amazing, def one to see.


@misswill Loved c-ing sexy Ryan Reynolds aka Green Lantern sitting next 2 wifey, ScarJo last night...he took a time out frm work 2b there 4her.


@LHearst Only in New York, kids... RT @JasenKaplan: - - - @SMYLIFE Oh Splashlight on Kourtney + Khloe take Miami - FONDEST memories!! - -

- @PeterDavisNYC Summer really starts on July 29th when @snooki. @TheSituation return to @MTV @JerseyShore. "I've never drank so much in my life." -Snooks - - @maliksochic Its puerto rican pride day and I haven't had any platanos yet! Mama is hungry.


--- @mrjoezee My weekend: Disney, Pride, the Tonys. The only thing missing is Barbra knocking on my hotel room with a carb-free cake and singing People.

- @caro Watching #worldcup at Chip Shop. Says @skidder, "Where's the defibrillator?"