Artisphere, 1101 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22209
Wednesday, January 2 @ 7:00 pm
Fine Arts

Artists Chris Coleman and Laleh Mehran transform the Terrace Gallery into an immersive digital installation, using multiple projections mapped specifically for the space. W3FI animates the walls with ideas and real-time information gathered from Artisphere visitors and the region at large. Every day we find more and more of our lives integrated in the digital world, with no distinct separation between our virtual lives and our real lives. This means we have to take control of and responsibility for how others see and relate to us in the digital world. We are proposing a new philosophy, a new strategy for our online interactions, called W3FI. A combination of WiFi, the word “we” and the slang use of the number 3 in place of the letter “e,” W3FI references the digital parts of our lives. People already consider WiFi to be an invisible shared connection all around us, and transforming this term to include “we” indicates a new awareness of how interconnected we really are online. The W3FI project is much more than artwork, it is a movement in social activism to ask a new set of questions for each of us every time we click, text or share a photo.