"I just have a very different story. I didn’t go to fashion school, I have never lived in New York, and I'm not jaded by the fashion industry. I just believe that anything is possible." -Erika Schrieber

Erika Schrieber hails from a small town in Connecticut and is a recent DC transplant. Her background is in public relations with no formal technical training in design, and she is now living in an area that is certainly no contender in the fashion world. You're probably wondering how this young creative even got started in the fashion industry. Erika does not have the typical resumé of an emerging designer, but that is precisely what makes her collections unique and attractive to the everyday woman. Her humble beginnings started in her grandmother's basement with a sewing machine, and today she is on her second capsule collection, showcasing Fall 2014 pieces she titled "Urban Wanderlust". Read her interview to find out how she got started, why DC can be advantageous to emerging designers, and what about our very own city inspired her well-crafted new collection.