Everything is emblazoned with hearts. Restaurants are boasting their Dinner-For-Two specials. The amount of couples holding hands and exhibiting PDA have skyrocketed. Yes, Valentine's Day is here. And whether you adore the romanticism or abhor the commercialism, the holiday is quickly approaching. Since we're dedicated to making this holiday go off without a hitch, we chatted with Sai Souphom of Saivita Floral Design (or better known as the free spirit florist behind DC's flower truck!) She created breathtaking bouquets for every personality because (Boys, listen up!), generic roses are not for everyone. Take this chance to wow your better half and pick a bouquet tailored to their personality whether they are traditional, bubbly or bad-to-the-bone. The Flower Truck has a bouquet for you plus tips on how to pick and care for your flowers!

Written by Nicole Mills. Photography by Taylor Boozan.