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Aureta Thomollari If I was not so frightened of Tyra Banks and her legal team I would coin “Fierce” for the sole purpose of describing the best dressed of the night, Aureta Thomollari. This was an absolute no brainer and the best thing I have seen at any event in DC, period--and I totally see why she was the subject of a spread in Anabel, the top fashion magazine in Albania. Aureta, one of the event hosts, is head to toe bold, daring and really super sexy. Her Fabrice dress fits like a dream and I don’t even have to mention the crazy embellishments on it. Accessories are perfection; from the placement and size of her rings to the placement and color of her hunter green accent nails to her insane green nail polish. Shoes are perfect; hair and make-up are out of control. This whole look is just it. She just has it. Look at her, she knows it.

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