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NPR's Friday Night Spin

Friday Night Spin
NPR's first WHCD party proved to be a hot ticket with many celebs, socials and media moguls grooving to the tunes of DJ Solange Knowles. Hosts: NPR's Ari Shapiro and NPR CEO/President Gary Knell When: Friday early evening [Photo Gallery] Guests included: Arianna Huffington, David Lauren, Lauren Bush Lauren, Colin Hanks, Samantha Hanks, Lil' Mo, Michele Norris, Michel Martin, Peter Sagal, Guy Raz, Audie Cornish, Keri Ann Meslar, Lauren Pomponio, Pamela Sorensen and Whitney Stringer. [David Lauren, Lauren Bush Lauren] [Gary Knell] [Keri Ann Meslar, Lauren Pomponio]

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