We Miss You Ann Curry: 5 Reasons The Today Show Will Never Be The Same

by Georgia Bobley · June 29, 2012

This morning was the first episode of the Today Show since Ann Curry's tearful departure yesterday, and we only have one thing to say: WAH! After 15 months of co-hosting NBC's Today Show (and 15 years working on Today), Ann Curry announced yesterday that it would be her last morning as a regular co-host on the show. The departure was a bit different than the one the show arranged for Meredith Viera, whom Curry replaced last Spring, and instead of a two-hour long goodbye party Curry was given nothing more than a few minutes to talk to the camera and some supporting words from her colleagues. Since it's very clear that Ann Curry was stiffed the goodbye she truly deserves, we're taking a look back at her time on Today to remember all the reasons that our mornings will never be the same again.

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