Sofia Sanchez de Betak's nuptials to Alexandre de Betak back in 2015 proved the end all be all of destination weddings. But then again, being the marriage of the fashion favorites, the designer darling slash sartorial muse and fashion's go-to event designer with such stunning spectacles as Dior's Louvre lavender mountain in his portfolio, would you have expected anything less than such an aesthetically remarkable display?

Guests flew to fête the couple in Sofia's native Argentina, luggage packed to the brim with themed, stylish looks for a three day Patagonian pop-up affair which made the royal wedding look like it was thrown together at the last minute.

An intimate, pastorally tinted exchange of vows. A gaucho-style picnic fit for an Argentinian cowboy, complete with flat brimmed chapeaus, kerchiefs, and ponchos aplenty. A second ceremony held on a volcanic strewn stretch of remote beach. An after-party barn bash dripping with celestial-esque light strings, and an interior scene fitting of a rustic Studio 54. And lastly, as one does, a tango luncheon.