Do you consider yourself a feminist?

[Leandra sits on her couch in her apartment off of the Bowery in downtown NYC.] What is the Manrepeller? Leandra Medine: “It’s a site about trends that women love and men hate, or that initially was the definition of what it was when I started it. But it has sort of just become a celebration of femininity I think, in all different types of femininity, not just the traditional, you know, woman in a little dress. It’s a celebration of women.” Do you consider yourself a feminist? “Well, yeah. I think any girl that works in fashion is in some capacity a feminist. Number one, because you’re working; number two, because somewhere - even if you aren’t willing to admit it - you believe that you can express something through clothes. And that’s a very bold statement to make.” It is almost like saying clothes are like art? “Yeah or they’re a vehicle of expression, and I think any woman trying to express anything using her voice is a feminist. I don’t know, I think it’s hard not to be a feminist in New York in the 21st century.” Ha or anywhere for that matter “Ha, yeah."
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