What was the impetus for finally deciding to start Ronen Lev?

I have always felt pretty aware of how a space makes me feel, how it can change the way I interact with others, changes my mood, my comfort level and ultimately the way I behave. Great design is truly about more than the way things look, it’s about the way a space makes you feel. I believe design can make life better for people and wanted to create a design studio that would have that point of view.

As for the website, I launched Edition01 in 2009, an ecommerce destination for limited edition design collaborations with high-end fashion designers and influencers, but after five years and two kids I realized I wanted a change and I missed designing physical space. I grew and learned so much building Edition01 that I didn’t want to go back to Interior Design in its traditional form. The website is my platform to share who and what inspires me and give a voice to some of the incredible product designers I had the privilege to work with. It’s also a place to share my favorite sources and the countless curated lists I’ve created for friends throughout the years.

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