Of all the fun decorative details you have posted up around your home, what are a few of your favorites?

Photographs! I have the family favorites that will always stay up, but I've made an effort especially now with kids to get lots of our casual family photographs printed from month to month to put up on the fridge or walls so we make sure to see them. Otherwise, they get buried on your phone or camera and you miss these wonderful memories. I'm a really visual person, but I actually don't like a ton of color everywhere in my home - I want it to be a neutral sanctuary with only a few pops of color to accent and finesse the final look. I'm obsessed with green! But blue, terracotta, and pink find their way into our home a lot, too... we get the most color from the artwork around the house. I find a few choice objects that are really personal and curated make a room feel finished - I love a pair of lovebird statues we have, some silver items from the Turkish bazaar, Chinese vases, a rotating cast of seasonal flowers or plants... a lot of things in pairs, which is supposed to be good for love, community and balance in the home. 

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