Meg Abbott has been a contributing writer for Grub Magazine, The Gentleman’s Journal, La Vida, Komodo and Suitcase, for which she continues a weekly food column. She has also worked in-house at The Daily Mail, YOU Magazine, PROUD and Amsterdam’s Nieuw Dakota. Having covered topics from travel, art, music and film, Meg always found herself returning to explore her greatest love; food. With this in mind she set up The Appetite Atlas, a ‘food travel’ blog, and began exploring countries with a focus on gastronomical cultures. Far from thinking of herself as a critic, Meg instead chooses to celebrate independent food and the people behind it. She is based in London but never remains there long.

Instagram: @thecuriouspear

GofG Brand Ambassadors | Monday February 3, 2014

megan abbott in GofG Brand Ambassadors