"Sick Mank, Brah": A Tour Through The Bounty Of Man Tank Tops At Brochella

by THEO HENDRIX · April 30, 2012

You didn't think we were going to let the absolute pinnacle of mank bro season go without an in-depth look at the many proudly on display at Coachella, did you? No darling, we're diving head first into the special time of year in a world where men, typically of the bro variety, not only find tank tops in public to be acceptable wardrobe staples, but actually prefer this look for reasons that escape us. And this year we got a double dose of bro mankage all over the Coachella Valley with two weekends of the music fest. So get comfortable, break out the Bud Light Platinum and cue the Asher Roth album as we take you on this exciting journey through the bounty of man pits and shoulders across Brochella 2012, kicking off what is sure to be a fruitful mank bro season.

We've said it before and will reiterate our stance on manks: no thank you. However, we've come to accept this is a battle that can't be won and understand mank bro season is a phenomenon that comes with the warmer spring and summer months, and the brah-ness gets dialed up exponentially whenever Coachella rolls around. Just embrace it. Is manking part of the bro summer mating call? Is it a declaration of manhood with tufts of pit, back and chest hair to signify male dominance? Could it just be a fashion statement? These are questions we just don't have answers to yet. But we do know we found ourselves deep in a jungle of bro pits for two straight weekends which more than met our annual quota. Let's observe...