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Real Food Daily
In all of National Pancake Day's rapturous embracing of the fruits of dairy and wheat, we'd be bad citizens to not acknowledge that, by either choice or cruel twist of biology, some people just can't eat a standard pancake. Luckily, this is L.A., where healthy/environmentally-friendly food is taken so seriously that Venice Beach basically has its own drug cartels to sell unpasteurized milk, so obviously there are pancake alternatives. Most people agree that the best of these is Real Food Daily, in Santa Monica and WeHo, which serves up gluten-and-wheat-free almond flour pancakes with a vegan buttery spread and 100% real maple syrup, and can be ordered as part of a "Weekender" platter (pictured) with scrambled tofu, tomatoes, tempeh bacon and home fries. Because, y'know, being healthy just once is definitely not going to kill you. Real Food Daily 414 N La Cienega Boulevard, West Hollywood 514 Santa Monica Boulevard, Santa Monica www.realfood.com [via]

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