If you had to choose, what are the five things everyone must try?

Our cucumber collagen beauty water - It's one of those products where you actually start to notice a difference in your skin pretty quickly. 

House-blended Cordyceps Coffee with La Colombe coffee, Four Sigmatic cordyceps, coconut oil, molasses and house-made almond or cashew milk. 

Spices from ILA - Not only do their spices come in incredibly chic, minimal packaging, but they're great staples for your kitchen. I put their za'atar on everything.

I met a Dutch designer named Peet Dullaert in Paris and bought one of his Cosmic Explorer Bags, which are an amazing leather carry-all that I use in lieu of a briefcase. I love mine so much that now we sell them at the Grocery. A random must have.

Quinoa Tagliatelle - Chef David Standridge makes all our pastas fresh in-house and it's the best thing to have in the fridge for a really quick and healthy dinner.

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