1. Artists matter in society, and should be weighing in on the times in which we live. 2. If you give artists real opportunities to experiment, they can help push society forward. 3. Public spaces are meant for free and creative expression.

Creative Time, headed by president Anne Pasternak, and whose founding principles are laid out above, has been working for almost forty years on public art projects and spaces across Manhattan and beyond. Under Anne's guidance, they have helped to change the way we think about our public art. A space that might typically be thought of as "sculptures plopped in public plazas," Creative Time has managed to find and captivate a much larger audience with the famous works the organization has set up; like the 9/11 memorial light displays at The World Trade Center, the artwork at Battery Park City, Park Avenue Armory, the Coney Island boardwalk, and the Essex Street Market, and, most recently, Heard NY, the Nick Cave Project at Grand Central Terminal.

We sat down with Anne Pasternak for a few questions about Creative Time's past and future, as well as the importance of having an awareness about public art in the city.

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Photos by Porter Hovey.