Let’s talk about your book! Tell me about it...

Oh! Perfect segue. Let’s talk about the book! Tell me about it! “The book is going to be titled “Manrepeller: something” - even though I really like the title “Don’t Worry I’m Wearing Overalls”- I think it’s so funny. It’s coming out next September, it’s been a very very hard process. Every writer’s dream is, of course, to have his or her work published in a book." What are some of the things you talk about? “It’s a book of about 15 essays. They’re all more or less personal about different hardships I dealt with as a girl growing up. I hope it’s more funny than it is heavy, but I think it’s taking a turn for the heavy." So is it like David Sedaris style essays? “I would hope. He’s really funny and has this amazing way of making the very mundane seem very intelligent, but I don’t think it’s going to read like that because he has a very singular and unique talent.”
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