How long do you think it will take to have total equality?

How long do you think it will take to have total equality? Glynnis: “I think that’s probably hard to measure. I think this all started when Hillary ran for president and the sort of complacency and assumption that parity had been reached was shattered when she was treated like shit so constantly. It was a real sort of eye opener to women who were like, ‘Wait a second, there’s Hillary nutcrackers and Tim Russert is on TV with Chris Matthews talking about how she’s the Avon lady and people are going to run away from the door?’ It was insulting and I think that really electrified a lot of women my age who were like: ‘This is in our past,’ into: ‘Oh my god, no it’s not, it’s still out there so prevalently!’ And then I think there’s been four years of backlash. So I always think of things in terms of presidential cycles - which is probably a silly way to think about it - but it just sort of happens like that because that’s when you take the temperature of the electorate on certain social issues. I think we are going to see huge changes in the next four years. I do.” Well because of people like you guys! G: “Because of all of us! No question about it.” R: “One of the greatest things about doing this is we get to have a finger in every pie - because women are in every industry. And we'd like that to be noticed more. So, here we are."
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