We've noticed you're a pretty dapper dresser on the show. What is one signature piece that every guy should own? 

I like to describe my style as ‘comfortable chic,’ aka ‘lazy chic.’ I wear a lot of black and grey, as most New Yorkers do. I am never afraid to wear a pair of tailored joggers and a sweater to go out. It sounds so cheesy, but it’s really about confidence. If you walk up to the door in essentially what are most people’s pajamas but you look like you belong, you’ll get in. I honestly go from two extremes – I am very casual or I’m black tie. If you ever see me wearing a sport coat, shoot me.

My signature piece is probably an oversized, knit sweater. It’s obviously super comfortable to wear, but I think it looks nice and always looks expensive even though it doesn’t have to be. For this summer, I am going for metallic. I just got a pair of slip-ons from Uri Minkoff that I can’t wait to break out.

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