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Chelsea Leyland

DJ Chelsea Leyland
Like all good musical endeavours that hail from England, DJ Chelsea Leyland makes the cut for her hip British way about things, specifically, the turn tables. Chelsea handles spinning with a cool down to earth ease --- she puts simple disco beats and mashes them up to be something new, modern, and ultimately festive. It comes as no surprise that this DJ was asked to play at major parties including ones at Fashion Week and at Art Basel this past year. She enjoys listening to Lana Del Rey and Jay Z, and is credited for her forward thinking fashion sense (it is believed that this British fashionista is responsible for the dyed-hair-tip trend). The fashion world welcomed her into the scene in 2009 when she got her break landing gigs for high end designers and industry folk including Valentino, Missoni, Fendi, Cole Haan, Teen Vogue, and Interview Magazine, to name a few. [Photo via] Click HERE for Chelsea Leyland's website or follow Chelsea Leyland on Twitter @chelsealeyland

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