Terence Koh Lectures on the History of Art

by MATHIAS ROSENZWEIG · November 20, 2009

Tairone Bastien, Candice Madey, Raul Juncosa[All photos by John Pullos for PMc]. Last night, artistically inclined New Yorkers gathered to hear a lecture by Terence Koh. If you're going to brush up on 400 years of art history, why not do so with cocktails in hand?-

Koh's presentation, curated by Stacey Engman, took place as a part of the National Art Club's tradition of annual, intellectually engaging discussions. The lecture was also a part of the current PERFORMA series. Guests of the event included Aurel Schmidt, Sophia Lamar, and Marina Cashdan.

Tairone Bastien, Candice Madey, Raul Juncosa

Aurel Schmidt, Rio SmitFelix Tex Ventouras

Jacob Melinger, Alan Paukman, Benjamin Haas

Sophia LamarTim Goossens, Greg Weithman

Abigniew Bzymek, Sophia Lamar, Alessandro Magania

Terrence Koh Tina Shah

Karline Moeller, Nicola Vassell, Tanya Morgan

Theodoric Willoughby, Gregorio Camara Antony Crook, Marina Cashdan

Alessandro Magania, Abigniew Bzymek, Christopher Bartley