Looking for some good old fashioned, but more importantly, good looking fun? In a town as desperately attractive as New York, where the number of part-time models and quarter-time actors moonlighting as full-time waiters is enough to knock you over with the overwhelming amount of 'talent' out there, somehow a waitstaff that's truly on fire is few and far between. 

Enter Miss Lily's, a Caribbean canteen that's not-so-secretly the grooviest place in town. A non-stop good vibes only dance party from brunch to dinner. 

And sure, the Soho spot is designed to allow for all the fun of a reggae disco dancehall - with its dark lit back room plastered with records, or its front bar, popping with bright colors as loud as the music. But there is absolutely zero doubt to any and all cool kids who have checked in that the real magic that's made it into such a happening spot lies in the groovy nature of the Miss Lily's girls. 

So settle in for some serious sightseeing. With bodies to kill for, and outfits more fun that anything you've ever even had the nerve to pick up and look at in a store, these lovely ladies are the funkiest crew in all of Downtown. Which makes them the funkiest crew in all of New York. Which makes them the funkiest crew in America. And yeah, you see where we're going.

[Photos by Wendy Ploger]