Daily Style Phile: Mickey Avalon Fans Love The Cobrasnake/80s Fashion Statements

by Rachelle Hruska · March 17, 2009

    Go HERE for more photos of this party by The Cobrasnake.

    Red Nike Airs to match metallic red shirt? Check. Old school 80s puff pants? Check. Gold Mr-T-Style Neck Chain? Check. There's no denying that this chick should be up on The Cobrasnake, she no doubt chose her outfit based on that possibility solely. And why not? Mickey Avalon, the famed graffiti artist/pot dealer/orthodox Jew/poet is more than cause for celebration in Brisbane circles. The best thing is, she wasn't out of place at the party one bit. From tie-dye to leather, and every 80s trend in between, take a look for yourself:

    More photos below....