Summer Skincare1. DO Spray Safe: Spray sunscreens make application easy, but don’t be fooled by their wide spray. Often a lot of product gets lost in the air or inhaled (yuck) in the process. Make sure to hold your breath when using a spray, and apply several coats to ensure full coverage. 2. DON’T be fooled by high SPFs: SPF stands for “sun protection factor” which refers only to UVB radiation, the kind that leaves you lobster colored. But UVA radiation can penetrate deeper layers of skin without burning, and UVA protection is not measured by SPF. 3. DO wear UVA/UVB protective sunglasses: Beware of cheap sunnies with lenses that don’t actually shield your precious peepers. UV radiation is not only responsible for wrinkles and sunspots, but it can also cause cataracts. [Photo via @montibellord]
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