China Doll Nightclub Serves Up Bottles Olympic Style


    China Doll

    Beijing's swanky boite, China Doll is proving to be quite the watering-hole these days. With the Olympics in full swing, the already pert and posh crowd is now laced with the likes of Michael Phelps and beauties from the Greek water polo squad, to name a few.

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    True to China's penchant for pushing design and architectural limits (think Terminal 3, CCTV's cantilevered building, The Bird's Nest, etc.), China Doll is an exercise in interior design. For starters, the club is on the 5th floor of a chic department store located in Beijing's Sanlitun district. The space is furnished with over 600K in art, and cost approximately 2.4 million US to complete. The color combinations and geometry of the decor are avante-garde upon avante-garde. Whether it is your cup of tea or not, you can't help but appreciate the effort and its utter novelty.

    The layout is huge, with multiple tables, a large dance floor and lengthy bar. The club also offers private VIP rooms fully equipped to take care of all of your karaoke needs. In addition to these VIP rooms, there is a special medium-sized Bungalow 8-esque VIP room where the crowd equivalents of Beijing frolick.

    As China emerges as a nation, what could be a better economic indicator that they have arrived than the advent of bottle service? Starbucks? Nah.