JR's Olympic Odyssey: Bihvhar!

by JASON READ · August 12, 2008


    An update from Beijing is on it's way, but first, I'd like to introduce you to:

    Bihvhar - (\'bi-vär\) It began with a core group of followers in the fall of 2003 and has since evolved into a life mantra. Though it can mean different things for different people, it is generally synonymous with beauty, strength, and positive energy. Several adjectives have arisen from Bihvhar, including bihvharious (of or relating to Bihvhar), and blowvhar (the opposite of Bihvhar). It has been spread on a grassroots level through internet blogs, websites, and shirts adorning the logo. Bihvhar shirts have been spotted around the world...it just doesn't stop. It never stops.

    And, after studying up on your Bihvhar! knowledge, you can head HERE and read my latest adventure for the WSJ where I dish on my frustrations with the internet here, on meeting royalty, and those hot facebook twins you guys love!!

    [Bihvhar.com] [Jason Read Gives Us The Scoop From Beijing!]


    More Bihvharious photos below: