What The Chinese Think Americans Like To Eat And A Case For Capitalism

by guestofaguest · August 18, 2008

    beijing food[Via Nick Confessore]:

    "Let's talk about the most screwed up part of the Olympics: The concessions. The food sucks, big time. It's like an amalgam of what Chinese people think Americans and Europeans like to eat -- Vienna sausages stuck in sweet rolls with cheese, that sort of thing. An A for effort, an F for final product.

    But let's also talk pricing. As you can see here, the 330 ml beer costs 8 yuan. The larger 335 ml beer costs...5 yuan. One is a can, the other bottle. But both are poured into the same plastic cup. So why the price disparity? You are paying for the bottle you don't use.

    If they were capitalists they would get this kind of thing right."