Cajun Boy's "Huge" Is Set To Be Huge

by Rachelle Hruska · September 15, 2008


    On of our favorite NY Bloggers, Cajun Boy in the City has a new project in the works: "HUGE"

    "Huge is a downtown New York show that centers around an on-her-way-out-of-the-business fashion model named Izzy Peck who, on a whim, comes to manage an up and coming rock band."

    "What myself, my co-writer, and my producers are doing here is a little different. Hoping to avoid the mind-numblingly tedious Hollywood development system, we've raised money on our own to produce a full season of eight one hour shows, something we're in pre-production on right now. We're sort of applying the indy film model of doing things to television. From there, we're putting it on the net in places like Jaman, Blip-TV, Myspace, Hulu, etc. The hope is that it will attract one of the cable or foreign market networks to buy it as is, thus avoiding the television industry "development hell" that so many have had to live through in the past, myself included." [Cajun Boy]