Emily "The Eldridge" Brill Expert At Subliminal Messages

by guestofaguest · October 20, 2008

    Nick DentonEmily Brill [Nick Denton in Montauk, Emily Brill in Lingere]

    Today on Essentially Emily, a photo of Nick Denton at some kind of brunch in Montauk this summer, followed by Emily's trip to Mixona, a Nolita lingerie boutique. Emily heads downtown for a change and finally learns what a Teddy is: ("Okay, CONFESS: do you own a teddy? Do you want one? Like me, had you never heard of one until now?).

    Anyway, overlooking the fact that a 20 something who grew up in NYC didn't know what a teddy was, we are wondering if Mr. Denton will get this subliminal marketing by saavy Ms. Brill. "Link me, link me". In any event, her lingere shopping post is sure to cheer up his Monday, his little blogger is all grown up.