Julia Allison Promises No Group "Lip Dub"

by Rachelle Hruska · August 7, 2008

    julia allison lip dub[Julia Allison's latest Lip Dub on N Train]

    NonSociety is filming a pilot today and they are looking for

    "35 fashionable, vivacious people who will agree to go on camera."

    Email was by invite only and, because I actually care about bad karma, I won't be posting the location as they need 35 not 350 people to show up.  More of the email invite:

    "As I said, it's just for the pilot (odds are good it will never air), so don't get all worked up about it, but there will be TONS of alcohol, free food, and it's a gorgeous setting with a beautiful view of Central Park.

    You're invited, along with up to four people you actually enjoy making conversation with ... or whatever, feel free to get shitcanned on our dime, as long as you look like you're having fun and not standing awkwardly in the corner, like me.

    I promise I won't force you to do a group lip dub.

    thank you thank you thank you

    xoxo Julia"

    Getting "shitcanned" on someone else's dime is one of my favorite pastimes (especially nonsociety's!) However, I have to catch a ride out east to do Plum TV today.  The lip dub bit? Contrary to popular opinion, this would be my favorite part of the evening.