On How The Internet Can Turn Even The Best Man Into A Complete Jerk

by Rachelle Hruska · August 5, 2008

    newport [Newport at Night via deleteyourself]

    How does someone who takes amazing photos, hangs out in cool places like Newport, and dates a complete package of a girl wind up being such a douche bag?  Alas, this is what the internet does to people guys.  I am glad that "deleteyourself" still reads us, even if this is what he thinks of our site: (and I hope his hoola hooping habits helps to release some of the obvious stress he must be under from all of this negativity he is spreading across the web).

    Guest of a Guest

    I follow the Guest of a Guest blog because it is the epitome of holier than thou New York fake elite. Literally every post makes me want to die. They even regularly post pictures of people at clubs who aren’t attractive and mock them for having to buy their way in. It’s a total shit-show. Today one of the dumb bitches who writes for the blog posted about discovering some mysterious graffiti that said “Neckface”. You dumb broad…are you going to post about how last night you saw a sticker that said “Andre the Giant Has A Posse” while walking from 1Oak to Kiss & Fly? [deleteyourself]