Who Is Terry Richardson's New Friend?

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · April 20, 2010

    Guess who Terry Richardson's newest muse is? Judging by the product-free hair, your hint will be that it isn't someone from "The Jersey Shore."




    Run out of guesses? You were close then you said Chelsea Clinton (who we love, but...you know.)

    It's actually Fabio (no last name needed)!!!

    Have you, in all your years of existence, ever seen anything as blissful as this picture of Fabio surrounded by motorcycles and a suspiciously positioned dog? You haven't, because it took until 2010 for it to be created. Which means, this one is as precious as the "Gigli" blooper reel.

    I know what you're thinking. You're thinking it can't get any better, right. We really like you, but you're wrong. Because it does get better.







    See??!?! "Candid Fabio" pours coffee perfectly without even looking. So not only is his body unrivaled by any human, he has mad hand-eye coordination. Or just hand coordination. (Gross.)

    [images via Terry Richardson]