Charlotte Ronson's After Party At Avenue Is All In The Family

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · February 15, 2010

Charlotte Ronson, Jared Leto samantha ronsonWhitney Port

After Charlotte Ronson showed her Fall 2010 Collection at Bryant Park, she mosied on down over to Avenue with Whitney Port and Jared Leto for an after party. But in a way, she still kept things "all in the family" by relying on her DJ sister (and obviously Lindsay Lohan ex), Samantha Ronson, to spin the music.

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You'll recall during last year's Fashion Week, little miss Lohan was making the rounds and jumping from show to show in an effort to reboot her career while rubbing elbows with the Ronson family. But seeing as she's burned that bridge (in addition to the chance of ever escorting Viennese billionaire Richard Anderson ANYWHERE again), it's no surprise she was a no show. Even if she felt like taking a chance on gaining admittance, we don't think she'd have made it past the front door, seeing as Ann Dexter-Jones (or Mama Ronson) is quoted as saying, "[Lindsay] was never and is not a part of my family." We're guessing this goes back to the new "tightly knit" family thing.

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