GofG Celebrates The Global Site Launch At Cabanas At The Maritime Hotel

by guestofaguest · January 16, 2012

    UPDATED: Go HERE to see our twitter recap of last night's Chef Roblé & Co. episode feat. Guest of a Guest, which aired this past Sunday at 10pm!

    Go HERE for more photos by Patrick MacLeod; Go HERE for more photos by Kenneth Arcara, and tag yourself and your friends!

    GofG celebrated the upcoming launch of our global site with friends last August at Cabanas at the Maritime Hotel. A ton of people turned out to party and enjoy the tacos, oysters, a ceviche bar, and root beer floats catered by Chef Roblé along with obligatory cocktails, as they mingled at the rooftop space. Find out who stopped by!

    The NY Observer editor Elizabeth Spiers, Ann Dexter Jones, Politico's Allison Silver, NY1's Pat Kiernan, Rachel Sklar, Peter Feld, Nick Gray, Carson Griffith, Danielle Snyder, Ashley Simko, James Del, John Munson, Sarah Kunst, Chiara Atik, Billy Gray, Rex Sorgatz, Douglas Marshall, John Carney, Soraya Darabi, Emily Gannett, Ari Cohen, Das Racist, Nate Freeman, Chris Brady, David Shapiro, Maria Gallagher, Mo Pitz, Brian McCagg, Erin Ade, Huge Dornbush, Alvin Liong, Ned Hepburn, JT White, Katie Maloney, Michael Orell, and many more turned up. Take a look at the pics!

    Our GofG Global site will be officially launching this fall. We'll be covering all of the people, places, and parties we can from around the world. From the French Riviera to the Amalfi Coast, Carnival to Cannes Film Festival to Art Basel and beyond!

    Ashley Simko, Rachelle Hruska, and Molly Harrington

    Nate Freeman (left) and Elizabeth Spiers

    Ann Dexter-Jones

    Bianca Caampued

    GofG's Afrodet Zuri (left)

    John Munson

    Ned Hepburn

    GofG's Roxana Hernandez and Sara Schnackel (left and center)

    GofG's Mara Siegler and James Richard

    Chelsea Burcz and Gabe Ulla

    Douglas Marshall

    Courtney Parker, Kelsey Kyro, Joey Peel, GofG's Molly Harrington, and P.J. Loussedes

    Cary Randolph (left)

    Wendy Ploger (right)

    Misha Palmer and GofG's Christina Makoyawo