A Blanket Fort Slumber Party In Brooklyn

by Chiara Atik · March 5, 2010

Some people just never grow up; they turn twenty and move to Brooklyn instead. And throw enormous blanket fort parties and pillow fight and play with their stuffed animals. Hey, if you're gonna do a fundraiser, might as well do it 1993-style, right?-

Secretly, I think this party is really awesome, and it's not only because I happen to be the absolute best Fort Marker ever (Six years of apprentice fort-making as a child, 10 years of Master Fort Builder as a babysitter, extra points for learning how to assemble them in cramped Manhattan living rooms).

The blanket forts at this party are pretty cool, but not always QUITE up to our discerning tastes. Hanging a blanket up does not a fort make. If you can stand in it, it's not a fort. If it's a freaking TENT, it is NOT a fort!

In fact, the Guest of a Guest Manhattan fort-makers would challenge the Brooklyn fort-makers any day.

Nice try guys...but leave the fort-making to the professionals.

[All photos by Gabi Porter for Metromix]