Justin Ross Lee Throws Himself A Birthday Party

by Chiara Atik · April 12, 2010

[All photos by Paul Bruinooge for PMc] The hottest party this weekend was the birthday of Justin Ross Lee, the uber-Christian nightlife fixture beloved by everyone he meets. The party was so full of the city's A-listers that most of the PMc pictures were labeled with "?". You know. To protect their annonymity.-

THANK GOD the paps didn't figure out the party location, 49 Grove, ahead of time. It would have been a mad house. Guests like Brittany Mendenhall and the universally adored Sally Shan (check out the comment section...people LOVE this woman!) stopped by to wish the humble guy a happy birthday.

Lee himself spent most of the evening hiding from the camera, as he is wont to do, but we were fortunate enough to find some snaps of the attention-shy gentleman.

Have a happy birthday JRL, and here's to another year of quietly staying under the radar, performing good deeds,and NOT uploading your dinner receipts onto facebook.

Sally Shan, Justin Ross Lee, Brittany Mendenhall

Aska Barbu

Adam Clemens, ?, Justin Ross Lee, Usman Shaikh

WHY are they getting in his SHOT?!?!

JRL loves the ladies and the ladies are...ambivalent. Especially the one in blue.

Just for fun...JRL and Snooki.