The Webutante Ball Leaves Us With More Questions Than Answers

by SARAH KUNST · June 9, 2010

Webutante Ball is the holy grail of do-overs. Better than a high school reunion, this is a chance for internet kids to prove that while they may still be ungainly, times have changed, hipster chic is in, and they are level two power users of Foursquare dammit!

Richard Blakeley organized the now annual party and the crowd was full of usual suspects with some interesting outliers and clearly delineated boundaries. Nick Denton, David Karp, Devorah Rose and others who didn't relish the idea of mingling with community manger riffraff ensconced themselves in VIP for the duration. Dennis Crowley, Lockhart Steele, Ben Lerer and Caroline McCarthy were among those in the upstairs holding court and giving interviews while the out of towners, way too drunkards, Hipster Grifters and Philly Fameball Arthur Kade did things on the dance floor that could be dancing but more closely resemble passing kidney stones and salting leeches.

Go HERE for more photos by Jeffrey Donenfeld and tag yourself and your friends!

We spent our time fruitlessly trying to figure out what the point of Internet Week is and came away with more questions than answers...

Which girl's boyfriend is the bigger over sharer - Karp or Blakeley?

Who exactly is she reporting for with the hand drawn mic cube?

Did Nick McGlynn finally teach Devorah Rose how to social climb?

Foursquare is doing breast badges now?

And perhaps, the greatest question of all:

Not that we're complaining, but why was Rodger Berman, aka Mr.Rachel Zoe, there?