Things Get Steamy At The Foursquare Day Party

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · April 19, 2010

On Friday, Foursquare CEO and co-founder Dennis Crowley hosted a party at Hotel on Rivington, with Cobra Starship, DJ Manero, and a hot tub. Last Friday was deemed "Foursquare Day," which was the first social media designated holiday ever. But oh, there's more to this... -- to commemorate the ability of letting everyone in the world know where you are at any given time, this badge was created.

(Get it? Four squared is sixteen, and Friday was April sixteenth? Are you following me? Awesome. Really solid work everyone.)

But I'll cover all my bases and explain how this works, because this is a judgment-free zone: when you're out and about, Foursquare allows you to tweet to your followers where you are by "checking in" bars, clubs, restaurants, or wherever. The more places you "check in" to and the more you go out, you get badges (like the one above) that validate how you're on the fast track to becoming a nightlife expert in your area.

So in order to get this special badge, attendees had to "check in" at the Hotel on Rivington, which they probably did. But after that, it looks like they all got into a hot tub and inspected each other in their skivvies. There is yet to be a badge for that. We're sure it's coming, though.

[all photos by Jeffrey Donenfeld for Random Night Outand cio]