Sin City-Impressions Of Shanghai: New Work By island6

by Ramya Velury · January 26, 2012

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    Last night, island6 celebrated their opening of "Sin City-Impressions of Shanghai" at the Tally Beck Contemporary. Based in Shanghai, island6 is collective of artists, who have recently gone global, specializing in electronic LED multimedia.

    Their work in the Tally Beck Contemporary examines the many issues of sexuality in light of a 1930s Shanghai. The exhibit represents thematic values of exoticism, eroticism and Orientalism. In celebration of the Chinese New Year, there was a lion dance performance by Dance China New York. Catering was provided by Marja Samsom.

    Founded in 2010, the Tally Beck Contemporary is a New York-based gallery that also operates a private dealership in Bangkok, focusing on Asian contemporary art.