Whitney Larkin, Mary Nelson Sinclair, Artsy Folks at Jeff Koons Opening

by SUSANNAH LONG · March 15, 2010

    [All photos by Carrie Shaltz for PMc] On Saturday, the New Museum held a members-only fête to celebrate the opening of the Jeff Koons-curated show "Skin Fruit: Selections from the Dakis Joannou Collection. "In attendance were Whitney Larkin, Mary Nelson Sinclair, Joyce Sitterly, and many others.

    This is the first exhibit curated by artist Koons, who selected the works on display from the Greek Jouannou Collection, one of the most extensive and respected modern art collections in the world.

    For a show that explores "genesis, evolution, original sin, and sexuality," we were hoping the night would devolve into a naked, fleshy bacchanalia, but our desires were thwarted. Instead we saw some fur, some denim, and a muumuu. A couple of the Dazzle dancers were there, but there was nary a sequin or thong in sight. Also in attendance was Bowman Hastie, but his painting dog Tillamook Cheddar was not with him.


    Whitney Larkin, Mary Nelson Sinclair, Joyce Sitterly, Maura Burns, Vincent Cavanaugh

    Hole Dazzle, Prettyboy Dazzle, Robbie Dazzle, Terry Sing, Liz-N-Val

            Catherine Nguyen, Eri Nagasaka, Kameron Gad, Komal Kehar

    Daniel Geoghegan, Anna Boza          Mira Oreck, Bowman Hastie

    Elio Torres (Certain small persons are already too jaded to appreciate the art.)

    Further proof that the guests did not get down and dirty.